Video art / projection on screen in a public space





„Lemonade” is a short video-art projection in public space. Prepared for digital screens or portable screens. The idea is to shown at least one (or more) video in a city space on digital screens and give a chance for audience to contemplate an ocean view and to relax between the film screenings.
„Lemonade” shows a picture of water slowly changing colour from natural blue to lemonade (light yellow). It refers to the history of Utopia in Ohio, a small ghost-town now, which was founded in 1844 by the followers of utopian thinker and philosopher Charles Fourier. The founders of the settlement were sure that if they follow strict rules and lead an exemplary life in their self made communes, they will be able to bring back world peace. They believed that this joyful era will last for 35 thousand years and will begin with all the oceans and rivers turning into lemonade. In its first form Utopia survived only for three years: in 1847 it was flooded and completely destroyed by the Ohio river. The legend told by those who live in Utopia today says that in the evenings one can still meet the ghost of the old utopians wondering by the river bank.
I would like to show the short video (about 10-15 minutes, loop) as a picture which can relax audience in the middle of the city, give them a chance to contemplate and think about utopian idea of world full of peace.
There are two options of the screenings. First is to screen the video-art on digital screens normally use for advertisement in a city space (I hope there are some). Second is to build one to three very simple screens made of wood and canvases and show the looped work as a video installation. It would be nice to have a special space for audience, for example some comfortable seats, to have a chance to create a “natural” space in the centre of a city. Because of the history which the art work was inspired by, the screenings could be good opportunity to symbolic transwer an audience to unknown utopian reality, about which we all subcutaneously dream of.
Technically, I need screens (professional or made by myself), projectors (means equipment but also technician and access to electricity) and some space for audience.




Video Production

1.Recording new material (equipment, camera man): 900 $
2.Editing and post-production: 700 $


1. Screen (rental fee) : 10 days x 3 spots : 4000 $


1.Projector (rental fee / 10 days x 3 items) : 2000 $

2. Screen (building my own screens)

  • materials (wood, canvases, screws etc) : 1000 $
  • technical help : 1000 $

Additional equipment

  • 20 sofas for audience in light yellow colour (or rental fee): 2000 $

6. Insurance: 500 $
7. Advertising material: 500 $
8. Technical help : 1000 $

Total: 9600 $


Short video preview: