The Horizon and I

Dialoguing with Paweł Kwiek’s 1972 piece „Telephone and I” this video piece comments on the problems that artists come across while speaking with the agents of the institutions that fund art. The first part of the film is an opinion about a screenplay of the „Pink Horizon” film issued by the experts group operating by […]

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Political landscape

    One of my recent observations of the landscape in small villages in Opole region was how the environment is changing by introducing a visually powerful voice of society, manifested in the form of banners, posters and flags along the way. It completely changed the landscape into a political one. The city government of […]

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Travel document

  “Travel document” refers to the name of the document, which all Jews must have had while leaving Poland during the political bashing in March ’68. This work is my protest to the outrageous actions of the Polish government and a group of madmen in black habits. The rushing train of hatred and contempt which […]

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Pink Horizon / Różowy Horyzont

    In the middle of XIX century among many other Europeans seeking a better life, polish-silesian inhabitants of a small village left their homeland and travelled to the USA to establish their dream settlement. For most of them it was the first time they ever left their small Silesian village of Płużnica Wielka. Filled […]

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The Frames project is based on TV and film archives. During the last few years while working as a video editor I would inadvertently come across single mutilated frames hidden amongst archive material. I started collecting them for their visual potential; each with its own, distinctive character. In most cases these frames are fractions of […]

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