Natural View / 2006

Natural View / video instalacja, 2006


Natural View / video-installation, 2006



Video przedstawia realny (ruchomy) kadr znaleziony na Opolszczyźnie, który łudząco przypomina kadr z pulpitu popularnego systemu komputerowego Windows (“Idylla”). Film to rejestracja krajobrazu, poruszających się chmur na niebie, latających i śpiewających nad łąką ptaków, szumu traw itp. Puffy z aplikacjami mają służyć kontemplacji przyrody i oddaniu się zachwytom naturalnym widokiem. Główną myśla pracy było podjęcie tematyki naturalnego środowiska współczesnego człowieka, który lepiej czuje się w środowisku komputerowym niż rzeczywistym.


Laura Pawela’s video installation Natural View is a parody of the world of computers, windows and the internet. Pawela is fascinated by computers and the Internet, she has created a series of questions about the real world in the virtual age and represented communications related to our computerised everyday life, screen messages that might be read one day by people other than artists on their computer monitors. The video shows a real view which Pawela found in Poland. It is recognisable as the known view from the popular computer system, Microsoft Windows.

In Natural View, the information on system operation contained within the pop up screen messages have been replaced with invented messages about her own personal dilemmas and often inconsequential daily matters. The artist uses the screen messages sent to her by Windows and answers them with her own feelings. Pawela has used the medium of communication between the machine and humans to assist her in building and defining her own identity. What might seem cold, dehumanized and utilitarian acquires personal, individualised features.

“My pictures are inspired directly by the appearance and visual features of the Windows operating system. I am delighted by the appearance of various ‘understanding winks of the eye’ that Windows sends to my monitor. I react to these stimuli and respond to the system. On one hand, I wanted to portray that part of the process that they always omit: the edges of documents, blank documents, scroll bars and the screen messages that appear when one works on a computer. On the other hand, I sought to paint specific warnings of dangers that derive from overusing computer systems”.



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