Train Your Artist / 2004

Train Your Artist / gra interaktywna, video, 2004


Train Your Artist / game, interactive installation, 2004



Train Your Artist is a kind of a game. This game is about relations between artist , critics and artistic world. About sick situation in polish new art, when young artists must be always on the top, take a part in exhibitions, because if they don’t – they don’t exist at all in “artistic world”. This situation is very similar to situation in show-business, you must be always on people lips, they must talk about you. My “artist” is like a pet in Tamagothi game, you can order him to sleep or to do exhibitions, you can also order him to paint or to play fool, go to prison (in Poland artist often are in the judge), you can dominated artist’s life and train him as a good artist . It is also game for curators, how to train artists 🙂

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